Tremblant – Spring skiing is where it’s at!

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Growing up in Winnipeg, there was one ski hill. It started as a garbage dump. Dirt kinda packed in over the garbage and then snow fell on the ground. And just like that, we had a hill. We called it “Garbage Hill”. (Clever, eh?)

We learned to ski going straight down as fast as you could and the whole the ride was over in like 7 seconds. Even if you fell, you’d do one roll and be at the bottom of the hill. And it’s so cold in Winnipeg that the faster you went down the hill, the better chance you’d have of avoiding frostbite. (Don’t judge. It made sense at the time. I was 8. And couldn’t feel my face.)

So when I first arrived in Montreal a decade ago and someone asked me to ski Tremblant, I thought “How hard can this be?” 27 face plants later, I realized I’d have to change my strategy.

Because it turns out that skiing, like in life, really is about the journey, not the destination! (I’m so deep.)

And with views like this, why not take a minute and soak it all in.


Tremblant views

The hill features a whopping 94 trails on 654 skiable acres, so if it turns out you don’t really like the people you’re skiing with, you can “accidentally” ditch them for the rest of the day ;). Not that that was the case in my situation – uh – hi guys! ;)


Chair Lift!

Action Shot!

With over 1000 snowguns, the conditions are awesome. And while I might not be chosen for Team Canada anytime soon, a girl can dream.  (I typically dream while shouting “weeeeee” all the way down the hill. Which I’m assuming they do on Team Canada too.)

Then comes my specialty – the après-ski. The village at the base of the hill offers a great vibe for post-ski festivities, complete with outdoor patios (amazing on a warm Spring day), cold beer and live music. Perfect for people watching and for re-living all the sweet moves you showed off on the hill (and by sweet moves I mean by yelling “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” while trying not to fall on your butt).

Post Ski Fun!


Who doesn’t love Spring?!